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AlgaCAD v1.0

Where Algebra meets AutoCAD

Relax!  You do the CAD and I'll do the Algebra.

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AlgaCAD -  This program fills in variable names inside an AutoCAD drawing.  You create the drawing and then let AlgaCAD help you write the code by answering a few questions.  Very little to no AutoLisp experience required.

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AlgaCAD v1.0 Copyright 2002-2013 by /.  All rights reserved.

This AutoLisp application finds all variables inside an AutoCAD drawing and replaces them with the values derived from the formulas that you set up with the help of this program.   Take a look at this simple example:

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   You create the drawing file or template as you wish.   Insert variable names as text entities and/or attribute entities.  It doesn't matter what you call the variables as long as they do not have strange characters (like a space or "@") and they are less than 6 characters long.   Size, Rotation, Location, Color, Text Style, and Layer Name do not matter.  Simply set the value of the Text or Attribute to be a valid variable name.  Like the example above on the BEFORE side of the picture.

   Then you load AlgaCAD and let it help you write the code.  Your probably saying "Wait!  I've got to write code? Me?"    Hang on.  Take it easy.  

   Let's look at the example above.  If you wanted to write the code for variable H2 and you wanted the program to ask you the plate's edge distance during execution, simply type in "H2" in the 'Var Name' text box.   Then Press the 'Input' button.  The 'Get Input' dialog box appears.

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  H2 should be a REAL number.  (A number with a decimal place. If you don't understand we will get to that later.)  For now, select 'REAL' from the list.  Type in a question to ask.  Like "Horizontal Plate Edge Distance".  Press the 'Okay' button and the code is added to the 'Formula/Value' box on the main screen.  Press the 'Add to List' button and it is added to the 'Data List'.  Wow!  That was really tough programming huh?

  What if you didn't want the program to ask you for the horizontal edge distance every time you ran the program.  Your horizontal edge distance is always 1-1/2".  No problem.  Type in "H2" in the 'Var Name' edit box.  Type in "1.5" in the 'Formula/Value' edit box.  Press the 'Add to List' button and your done.  H2 will always be 1.5". 

  What if I wanted to add two numbers or two variables together?   No Problem.  Type in the variable name in the 'Var Name' edit box and press the '+' button.  The Plus Formula Dialog box appears.

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  Type in the values you want or select a variable name from the drop down list.  When you are ready press the 'Okay' button.  This formula will now show up in the 'Formula/Value' edit box on the main screen.  Press the 'Add to List' button to add it to the 'Data List'.


What if I need help?

  No problem.  There is a tutorial built inside the program that should answer all of your questions.  If that doesn't do the trick.   Press the 'Help' button to get my email address and I'll send you the answers to your questions.   I've also included the 'Data List' and the AutoCAD drawing as an example.   AlgaCAD.alg and AlgaCAD.dwg.


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