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The AutoLisp Tutorial - DCL

Dialog Control Language - Image



  An Image is used to display a vector graphic picture inside a rectangle.  To create the image you can use three different methods. 

  • Vector_image - Draws a single straight line in the current image. 
  • Fill_image       - Draws a filled rectangle in the current image.
  • Slide_image    - Draws an AutoCAD slide in the image.

For this tutorial we will concentrate on the Slide_Image function.  Everyone knows how to create a slide right?  The MSLIDE command.  Okay.  We will assume our image is ready.

  Let's look at the DCL Image definition and the AutoLisp functions required to display the image.

  DCL - You must supply either the width and height or one of these plus an aspect_ratio.

: image {
  key = "sld";
  height = 30;
  width = 30; 

     color = 0;
  is_enabled = false;

  is_tab_stop = false;


;;;--- First we need a slide name
(setq mySlideName "c:/acad/myslide.sld")

;;;--- Second we need the key to the image control
(setq myKey "sld")

;;;--- Next we send the slide name and the key to the update function
(upDateImage mySlideName myKey)

; NOTE: Notice mySlideName becomes sldName and myKey becomes key when passed
;       as parameters to the upDateImage function.

;;;--- Function to update the slide

(defun upDateImage(sldName key)         

  ;;;--- Get the width of the slide
  (setq width (dimx_tile key))

  ;;;--- Get the height of the slide
  (setq height (dimy_tile key))

  ;;;--- Start the slide definition
  (start_image key)

  ;;;--- Wipe out the background
  (fill_image 0 0 width height 0)

  ;;;--- Put the slide in the image area
  (slide_image 0 0 width height sldName)

  ;;;--- Finish the slide definition


  This function can be used over and over to display any slide image in an image control.  Use the upDateImage  function after the new_dialog call and before the action_tile statements.  You can also use this function while the dialog box is displayed in one of your action calls. 


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